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In 2017, after ten years making TV I founded Wanderlust Action Films with the dream of running a global adventure film production company. Fast forward five years and the dream has come true. Google Adventure film production company and we are top of the hit list. Pinch me. 

Along my journey it became apparent when crewing productions how few female filmmakers there were in the adventure space, I had spent so long trying to get established I hadn't stopped to look around me. Now that I own my space in this genre I feel it's my duty to change that and to help women get their foot in the door in the adventure world.


I do this by - committing to a minimum of 50% female crew on all productions, offering internship opportunities, yearly free training days with me, online training courses and adventure courses in the field. 

I also work for global documentary production companies as a Director, often at sea, and next year a feature length documentary will be released featuring never before seen footage of a world famous artefact - which for now, is top secret!

When I'm not filming, I'm usually out on an adventure, often off-road or out on the water. 

Red Paddle Co | Chasing Sunsets
Wanderlust Action Films

Red Paddle Co | Chasing Sunsets

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