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When our founder Ellie Cartwright was looking for crew she was struck by how few women there were in the adventure space, or how few she knew...

"I feel it is my duty, as a successful female in a field largely dominated by men, to support more women into this career and help them on their path. I made the commitment in January 2022 that from now forward all shoots would be ideally a full female crew, at a minimum 50/50 and if I couldn't find women to shoot in our Wanderlust style I would train them up!" 



Alice got in touch in November 2021, a water-babe and waterspouts instructor she was a fantastic fit, Alice in Wanderlust we called her. She had some experience in filmmaking but wanted to properly understand the camera and how to shoot awesome stories. She came onboard with Wanderlust and Ellie gave Alice video training and production training on shoots all over the world, she has since gone on to shoot and produce solo shoots with some awesome global clients. 

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Georgia and Ellie built up a relationship over the course of a few years supporting each others work online. A fantastically skilled photographer and videographer she needed no training in that department but Producing was a skillset that needed honing. Georgia has since been trained by Ellie in documentary interview shooting and producing techniques and has been wonderful addition to the team filming for major brands this year.

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